Dean's Office


Message from the Dean

Dear Students,

The departments of Faculty of Arts and Sciences both carry on their own curriculums with success and make contributions to the other Faculties’ curriculums throughout the University, by offering several courses in the fields of Science and Social Sciences. Being one of the first faculties of Haliç University founded in 1998, our Faculty has a great number of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. While the bachelor’s degree programs comprise American Culture and Literature, Molecular Biology and Genetics (English), Psychology, Psychology (English), English Translation and Interpreting,  Mathematics, Educational Sciences and History; the master’s degree programs include Molecular Biology and Genetics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Sciences, Applied Psychology and Clinical Psychology within the Institute of Graduate Sciences.

With intent to enable our students to adapt themselves easily to different working areas in their professional life, our programs are enriched with a wide range of area and non-area elective courses, right along with the basic compulsory courses. Our Faculty adopts a participatory education model in a technological environment equipped with computers and modern laboratories.

With the objectives set pursuant to the vision and mission of our University and Faculty, our goal is to raise individuals with the conscious of life long learning and respect for human and nature, who are capable of analyzing, questioning, researching, teaching and producing ideas. Therefore, we provide an academic education, which also guides the students to the best learning methods.

Furthermore, we organize various seminars, conferences and panels to establish a mutual relation between our students and society, industry, science and business world within our Faculty.

By means of the “Training in Sector” Program, which is an optional internship program introduced by our University contributing to the sector-university collaboration, our students have the opportunity to gain experience improving their creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship motivation. Thereby, they are also encouraged to know business life before their graduation.

Both our academic staff and students can benefit from the Erasmus exchange program at our Faculty. As part of the Erasmus program, they can receive education at the universities in participant countries within the frame of bilateral agreements and regulations.

Besides, our Faculty gives the opportunity for the students successful at their courses to obtain a second diploma or an additional certificate with double major and minor programs.

Prof. Oya OĞUZ

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences